Step 6- Restructure Teams as Your Organization Scales

As your organization grows, Teams are designed to scale with you.

The beauty of Shortcut being organized by Teams is it is built to scale. As your company grows simply continue to match your squad structure to your Team structure in Shortcut. This may look like increasing the number of Teams, increasing the size of your Teams, or a combination of both.

Now it is important to note that there can be too many Teams and when this happens it is often because the use case has ventured outside of the squad model. We have heard of some funny Teams that don’t make sense like Friday Lunch Team or a bunch of Teams with only one user. Too many Teams make it hard to organize and view progress.

We recommend that as you do quarterly or yearly planning take this time to ensure that your company goals and the squads working towards them continue to be represented in your Team structure in Shortcut.