Step 3 - Connecting Teams and Workflows

Learn how Teams and Workflows fit together.

Team Size

The Team is the squad and the Workflow is the steps your work goes through from Unstarted to Done (or whatever customized states you create). Check out Teams <> Workflows to understand more about the Teams and Workflow relationship. You need both Teams and Workflows so when you are setting up Teams, make sure you set up your necessary Workflows as well. You might have a Workflow for each Team or numerous Workflows for one Team. It is a many-to-many relationship so you have the flexibility to set this up to fit your needs.

Workflows should represent the way your teams and departments work. Just as with Teams, your Workflow setup will likely be based around the process of your cross-functional squad (i.e. the Growth Team would have a Growth Workflow) or around functional groups (i.e. the Growth Team would have Backend, Product, and Design Workflows). You will likely have both!

Your Workflows can also grow and change as your company scales. You may find many Teams use one Workflow when you start but as you scale squads diversify, for example, you add a marketing role onto your Team. This person doesn’t have to work within the existing Workflow, but can create a new Workflow that is customized for their work.