Step 4 - View Iterations

Learn best practices for viewing your Iterations and the assigned Stories.

Now that you have planned your Iteration there are a couple of best practices for viewing your work during standup meetings or anytime you or your team want to see what’s in progress and how it’s going.

Saved Space

Create a Saved Space on the Stories page so you can quickly see the filtered view of the Stories in the current Iteration. To create the Space you can either use the Quick Filter Started Iterations or you can filter specifically to the Iteration you want to see. Once you have the filter view Save and name the Space. You can also Share this Space so everyone in Shortcut can view it. This makes it easy to view the Iterations current work, make updates, assign points, and more. You also have the option to view in Kanban or table view. One common way we use this is to view in table and then sort by owner to see what each person is working on and what still needs to be assigned out.

Iterations Detail Page

Another favorite way to view Iterations and walk through updates in Standups is the Iterations detail page. To view click into an Iteration and then you have the option to Group by whatever is needed. In many cases, Owner is a good grouping so you can view what each person owns and can see details on how it is going. This will also make it clear what Stories haven’t been assigned out and you can click in to update or edit in line.

Iteration planning meeting Doc

The Sprint/Iteration planning template in Shortcut gives you a great template to use for Iteration planning. To use this template go into Shortcut and Sprint/Iteration planning and start using for your team!

Here are a couple of key callouts to get the most out of this template.

  • Link Iteration and Doc- Shortcut allows you to create an Iteration directly from the Doc or link an existing Iteration in the Doc. You should also link this Doc to the Iteration itself. That way no matter where you are working you have everything you need.
  • Celebrate what is accomplished and be reflective- In the Decide on Realistic Goals section have the team commit to what they would like to accomplish. Laying this out allows for celebration and the team to really take the time to reflect on what they are building and accomplishing. One rule we live by is while goal suggestions can be made by the team goals have to be made and accepted by the owner, they aren’t assigned out from the team.