Step 3 - Create and Refine Iterations

Learn best practices for creating and refining Iterations.

This section dives into Iterations themselves, covering tips to setup and refine your Iterations in the planning process.

Iteration Creation Tips

The Iteration is another place to keep the hub concept, where all the key Docs and content related to that Iteration can be found.

Iteration Description
- Make this space a hub for any important information that the team or the company would want to find when visiting the Iteration.
- Use markdown to create a table.
     - Outline things like the Release, Tactic, OKR, and more.
    - Create a points goal chart to track capacity, points goal, and points delivered.
     - Copy markdown below to create a table.

| No Dev      | Capacity |  Points Goal|Points Delivered |
| ----------- | ----------- |----------- |----------- || x|xx%  | xx |xx |

Iteration Docs
- This is where you can attach your Iteration Doc, your planning Doc and any other Docs that are relevant to the Iteration.

Iteration Refinement

There are some ways to make Iteration refinement easier in Shortcut.

Story Prioritization

  • Use the Priority Field - The Priority Field allows for easy filtering. It makes it easy to quickly see what items are the highest priority. On an Epic you can use the Field filter to sort by High Priority. On the Stories page you can also use the Priority field to quickly filter for high priority Stories.
  • Use the Stories page to drag and drop to prioritize Stories
  • A Team Roadmap Doc is a great place to outline what Epics to be pulling from. Creating this prioritized shortlist makes it easy to know what the team's focus is and takes the guesswork out of prioritizing.

Pulling Stories into an Iteration

When building out your Iterations there are a couple of views that make it easy to add Stories to your Iteration. Try them all and figure out what works best for you.

  • Stories page- Sort the Stories page by Workflow, Epic, and State to see the Stories that can be added to the Iteration. Use the bulk edit feature to add in more than one at a time.
  • Epics- Go to the Epic the team is working on and sort by State. Then click to open or edit inline to add the Story to the Iteration.
  • Stories drawer- On the Iterations page open the Stories drawer and then sort either by Epic or Workflow and drag and drop the Stories into the Iteration.