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Docs Best Practices

Docs seamlessly connect to your work, making it easy to plan, build, and ship new features.

  1. Docs Overview
  2. Use Cases
  3. Organization
  4. Quick Tips
  5. Transitioning to Docs

Step 4 - Quick Tips

These tips with help you get the most out of Docs.

Create a Story, Epic, Milestone, or Iteration from a Doc

Highlight text and click Create, then Story, Epic, Milestone, or Iteration. This keeps you working where you are and automatically links the your work in the Doc.

Link Docs to your Stories, Milestones, Epics, Iterations, and Docs

Your Docs are always up to date and where you need them with the seamless linking of Docs in Shortcut.

You can link Stories, Epics, Milestones, Iterations, and Docs in your Doc.

Relationship Panel

The Docs Relationship panel allows you to easily view all the Doc relationships. This allows you to see what is mentioned in the Doc and where the Doc has been linked (Story, Epic, Milestone, Iteration or Doc) at a glance.

Tips for using Tables

Tables are one of the most used features in Docs. Here are some tips to get the most out of tables. 

  • Add a Header- Toggle on header row to grey the top row and bold the text, making a clear header row with one click.
  • Additional Formatting- Use Table Properties and Cell Properties to adjust background color, dimensions, and text alignment. 
  • Add an image- To add an image, click into the cell and select the Add/Edit plus to insert image or media. You can also copy and paste an image into a cell.
  • Insert paragraph- To add a line above or below a table hover and select the arrow.
  • Create a Story- Highlight text and select Create Story to create and link a Story directly from a table.
  • Link Stories, Epics, and Doc- Type forward slash '/' and then search and add a Story, Epics, or Doc to the table.

Collaborate with mentions and comments

Pull key stakeholders into the conversation by @mentioning their names, which will send a notification. Use comments to add key callouts. To get notified on all comments added to a Doc (even when you aren’t mentioned) follow a Doc by selecting the star.